Divine Feminine Woman

Divine Feminine Woman. Tell me, what happened to you? Confusingly, I look around in this modern world and it is a mish mash of gender scramble. Which is fine, if that’s who you are and what you want. Interestingly, The Victorian Government recently launched a They Day which got much attention world-wide. Absolutely, I agree that if you want to be called they than you should be called they.

But I choose to referred to as Her, She & Woman.

But what about all you Women, who are struggling to identify with being a Woman?

On being the Divine Feminine Woman that you are?

The Loss Of The Divine Feminine

Of course feminism has brought many good things into balance for us Women. However, radical feminist ideology has taken from the Divine Feminine Woman. It has diminished the dignity of the Divine Feminine Woman. As a woman, it insists you to copy and be equal to a Man and should abandon all your Feminine traits. Hence feminism encourages you to be like a man, which strips your of your power. To relinquish your innate function to bear and raise children. You need to act, function and be like a Man. The casual hook up culture today of Women sexually devouring Men. In fact, is a poor attempt to imitate Masculinity. If this is your desire and you are happy doing it, then great for you! This article is for you Women who are feeling lost with your Femininity and want to learn more about it.

As a Woman, you should be celebrated for the Divine, Feminine Energy that you are. Your power lies within your Feminine energy and not in pretending to be Man. Your Feminine energy allows you to be who you are in your own right. Don’t be told by feminists nor traditionalists who you should be like. Like Lao Tzu said to just be. Ultimately, being the unique being you are is powerful and authentic.

Dare To Be Feminine

Learn more about the Masculine and Feminine here!

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

John Gray wrote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. It is a fantastic read on the differences between Men and Women. Naturally, the differences that compliment us to men, like yin and yang. He talks about your essential Feminine traits. You know, like how you love having a chat and that you just want to be heard. Then how a Man loves to problem solve for his Woman. Of the unconditional love that lies between both Divine Masculine and Feminine. That as a Divine Feminine Woman, touching, holding and listening are so important to you.

When you understand who you are and what you need, you can enjoy life as the divine being that you are!

Mars Venus Summary:

  • Women and Men have different values.
  • Men mistakenly offer solutions and invalidate feelings.
  • While women offer unsolicited advice and direction.
  • Men cope with stress by retreating to their cave and pulling away. Yes, ladies this is normal!
  • Women feel instinctive and need to talk about what is bothering them.
  • Men are motivated when they feel needed.
  • Women are motivated by being cherished.
  • Effectively, he reckons Men and Women speak different languages.
  • Naturally, both have different needs for intimacy.
  • A Man is strong like a rock.
  • A Woman is like a wave; she ebbs and flows.
  • In summary, it’s all very fascinating!

The Yin & Yang Of Masculine & Feminine

This is a table from Lise at the Jamillon Centre. She is a psychotherapist, masculine and feminine expert. Here you can see the differences classified between Masculine and Feminine energy. Here you can see the instinctual and innate qualities of the divine Masculine and Feminine.

Energy Competitive Passive
Conquering Patient
Taking Control Vulnerable
Side Right Left
Actions Give Receive
Protect Respect
Cherish Appreciate
Intention Maleness Femaleness
Mentally Well Psychically Well
Money & Sex Relationships
Consciousness Concrete Abstract
Intuitive (intellect) Instinctual (sensory)
Think & Perform Feel & Process

The Feminine Woman

Being Feminine is being your Feminine self. Above all, it is your innate emotional and internal energy that you share with the world.

Essentially a beautiful woman emanates the energy of who she is.

Thus you don’t need to follow fashion fads or trends to be noticed or feel beautiful. The Feminine Woman is an amazing website with plenty of interesting articles about the nature of Men and Women. A great site for Women to understand Men and learn how to connect with their Divine Feminine. You could consider it a dating site for Women, but ultimately it’s all about how to connect with and be in your Feminine energy with a Man. According to founder Renee Wade, Men seek high-value Women with Feminine energy. Warning, you are going to learn and read things here that you have never hear about!

Two Divine Feminine Woman smiling dark hair big smiles happy

Raising Girls

A must read! Raising Girls by parenting expert Steve Biddulph is eye-opening. Not only for you who have daughters, but interesting to read as a girl or woman yourself. To consider how you were raised and how this may have affected you. Like Arthur Janov insisted that all issues arise from childhood. He is also a psychological genius who founded Primal Therapy.

In this book Raising Girls, Biddulph explains the five stages of girl hood. He then alerts you of the five big risk areas girls face. Issues such as being sexy too soon, coping with mean girls, the body issue, drugs and surviving online.

There was a most interesting story in this book about a Man who went on a killing spree rampage of young Women. Later, it was discovered that this Psychopath had tried to lure other young Women in. However, they chose not to go with him because their gut instinct told them it didn’t feel right. Biddulph speaks of this feminine, innate, instinct that we need to honour and install in our daughters.

The Importance Of Mum & Dad To A Girl

Lastly Biddulph discusses the significance of girls and their relationship with their parents. Both mum and dad are so important. Mums make girls secure while dads provide them with self-esteem.

Mums, you are the parent who teaches your daughter what it means to be a female human being. Hence for you Dads, you are your daughter’s personal ambassador from the World of Masculinity. The father-daughter relationship provides skills she will carry on with her friendships and eventually boys. This installs confidence in a young girl and ensures she is resistant to manipulation. When a girl is treated with respect by her father, she won’t settle for less from the males in her life.


One of the main aspects of the Divine Feminine Energy is sensuality. When you feel sensual as Woman, you are open to the pleasures and delights of this world. Like when you discover the beauty in the spring blossoms, get excited about swimming in the sea or just adore that Whittakers block of dark chocolate. Finding joy in your life, dancing and singing at the top of your lungs. Letting go and just going with the flow of what you feel and do and enjoy in your life. Remember dancing in front of the mirror for hours as a teenager? Since when did we get so serious and forget about our joys and pleasures.


You are a Woman and your body is beautiful. Your curves, your movement and energy are wonderful. You need to drop the belief that you are too fat, skinny or not good enough. You have chosen to be in your beautiful body and have nourished it to what it is today. Feeling psychically well in your Divine Feminine body is the ultimate expression of yourself. You aren’t beautiful because you are wearing the latest designer clothes and are perfectly manicured. It’s your presence and the way that you hold yourself radiates the Divine Feminine Woman you are. Louise Hay was a pioneer in the metaphysical aspect of self-love. All dis-ease originated from self-criticism. Headaches mean you don’t love and approve of yourself. Period pain is your body telling you that you have hang ups about being a Woman. Stop the negative self-talk, stop listening to the fears which are only thoughts. Start creating and believing in you what you need and desire in your life.

Divine Feminine Woman Self Love Woman looking into mirror at self

Female As Yin & Yang

Lorie Eve Dechar talks about the divine differenced between Men and Women. Dechar believes that along with your genetic make-up, reproductive organs, endocrine system and physical structure. In fact, that you are born with certain innate and somewhat gender-specific biological and psychological traits. Essentially, these traits are “hard-wired” into your nervous system and psyche.

She also notes that people of today are ready to exist in choice as ever-changing, mutable, vital expressions of yin and yang. So you may be a Woman, but you may have a lot of yang, Masculine energy. Ultimately you want to express your Feminine and Masculine energy as you feel is right for you. Traditionally, as a Woman you are considered mostly yin and Feminine. Then you have a tiny bit of very potent and powerful yang or Masculine energy. I like to think of this energy as when a Woman loses “it”.

Heaven has no rage,

Like love to hatred turned,

Nor hell a fury,

Like a woman scorned.

This proverb is adapted from a line in the play The Mourning Bride by seventeenth century British playwright, William Congreve. It basically means, there is no greater rage than a woman rejected in love.

You Choose Your Feminine

Some Women are so feminine. They revel being a Divine Feminine Woman. Then some Women are more masculine. Ultimately, you know how feminine you are what you need to be. Working is masculine in nature so you will tend to be masculine at work. Thus it’s in your relationships, with your partner and with your sons where you choose to be in your Feminine energy.

Divine Feminine Woman

Do you need help to access the Divine Feminine Woman within you? A holistic coaching consultation for you aims to break through beliefs and barriers that are psychologically holding you back from being your best and living your life in your fullest potential.

At Femme Vital in Melbourne, find out how to release unnecessary traits and behaviours that hold you back in life.

To be the wonderful, Divine, Feminine Woman that you are!

Look forward to living your life in an authentic and fulfilling way.

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