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This article is to support you whilst having your cosmetic acupuncture treatment. Cosmetic acupuncture can make a vast difference to your face making it firmer, younger and brighter. But if you don’t change your habits and lifestyle you won’t get the lasting results you desire. Improper diet can affect you if you have saggy skin, effects of it can be felt the next day making it more puffy and hanging.

How Saggy Skin Occurs?

Saggy and fine skin can be genetic, but as you know your environment and how you support your body can influence change. In Chinese medicine, this comes to a Spleen Qi deficiency. The Spleen energy (qi) is responsible for lifting the skin and keeping it in place. In five element cycles, the skin opens to the Lung energy. The Spleen is the mother of the Lung. So you need to nourish your Spleen energy to improve your skin quality.

What Does The Spleen Energy Do?

A healthy spleen is the basis of good health in your body, as Hippocrates said. “Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

  • Digests your food
  • Transforms your food into energy
  • Transports the energy to the body for distribution
  • Keeps the blood in the vessels
  • Keeps muscles and limbs strong
  • Has a lifting effect and keeps the skin and organs in place

Signs You Have Weak Spleen Energy

  • Weak digestion, digestive disorders and craving sweets
  • Bloating and diarrhoea
  • Problems absorbing nutrition from food
  • Vein issues, easy bruising
  • Weak muscles and limbs
  • Overthinking and overworrying injures spleen energy
  • Chronic tiredness, blood sugar imbalance
  • Difficult to lose or gain weight

Actions To Strengthen Your Spleen Energy

  • Dietary Start the day with a hearty breakfast, enjoy a moderate lunch and then have a light evening meal before 6pm. Such as a watery vegetable soup with bone/chicken broth.
  • Avoid fatty foods; too much dairy, fried or processed fats injure the spleen. Too much rich, refined carbohydrate, sweet and oily/fatty foods cause dampness in the body and skin.
  • Avoid eating late at night, eat regular meals and earlier in the day. The Spleen & Stomach energy are strongest in the morning and weakest at night.
  • Enjoy more fish, vegetables and unrefined carbohydrates. Cooked pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot are good for your Spleen Qi.
  • Avoid cold and raw food. Too much salad, juice, cold drinks and foods slow your digestive fire and long-term will injure your Spleen Qi. In Chinese medicine the best food has two components, firstly it is excellent quality ingredients and secondly it has qi, meaning it’s warm and has steam rising.
  • This is why soup, bone broth and congee are always preferred over juices and smoothies, especially in a cool climate. It is fine to have abundant juice and smoothies in very hot climates.
  • If you get heartburn, try one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar 20 minutes before a meal and even after a meal.
  • Sugar is one of the worst foods you can eat it causes inflammation and oxidation.
  • Hydration Staying hydrated is important so choose clear soups and watery fruits.
  • Drink warm filtered water, especially good in the Melbourne climate.
  • Reduce alcohol or avoid all together, it is dehydrating and heating.
  • Habits Go to bed early, ideally by 10pm at the latest. Aim to get up earlier rather than stay up late.
  • Bond with friends and family by going for a walk, playing a game rather than eating.
  • Exercise regularly, move the body for 30 minutes five times a week to get the lymph moving.
  • Avoid Hyaluronic Acid serums, collagen gel is a better choice.
  • Prioritise me time: move your body before or after work, spend time in nature, get enough rest
  • Spleen likes to be dry and warm, avoid cold and damp environments especially mould

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