The Art Of Detoxing

As a holistic health expert of over fifteen years, I have come to find that many health imbalances can be improved by an annual detoxing program. If you follow a Standard Australian Diet, substances such as coffee, alcohol, wheat, sugar and dairy can cause a long-term build up of toxins in the body causing unwanted symptoms and inflammation.


Accordingly, detoxing hydrates the body. The inflammation and skin/health issues can be sourced form what begins with dehydration. Dehydration leads to constipation, constipation creates a stagnation of lymphatic fluids and then long-term you can have skin or health issues.

Whether it is PCOS, endometriosis, melasma to acne rosacea, every imbalance can benefit from some detoxing. The accumulation of neurotoxins and chemicals can affect your pituitary gland of your endocrine system, which is in fact a master gland.

Detoxing Tips

In this article I will provide you some insightful tips to the art of detoxing and not healing your body but can help your mind feel wonderful too. When you begin a detoxing regime, you may experience emotional releases in your body. So please be gentle and treat yourself with love and compassion, practice forgiveness. Allow yourself to release these emotions. This information was sourced by Esra from Skin By Esra who is a holistic skin coach.

In my opinion, health issues can stem from improper diet 70% of the time. Other causes are environmental chemicals, stress and repressed emotion. Therefore a detoxing diet is essentially an elimination diet of particular foods and products.

Whilst detoxing, you should experience more frequent bowel motions which means that your body and colon are clearing out the stagnation from within. Constipation or tendency to be constipated is an indicator that your body is struggling with elimination.

Environmental Toxins

Analyse your products on the Environmental Working group website below, everything from household, hygiene and body care. Certain ingredients are harmful and act as neurotoxins on your glands, we need to eliminate these and this is why clean, low tox products are important. Castille soap can be a good alternative, as is shea butter and coconut oil. Rejuvenique oil has been amazing at supporting my skin to be soft, healthy and supple.

Pre-detox you can change one habit per week. An optimal detox is for 12 weeks, but yes you can do it for a few days to a few weeks, Regulate your nervous system with meditation and breath work, the breath of life meditation is an excellent one to try, especially with children. Always transition into and out of a detox. Ideally for one month prior and one month post, you can shorter or extend as needed.

Changing Habits

Habits to incorporate and change week by week include avoiding sugar, wheat, caffeine, alcohol or processed foods. And also introducing detoxing practices such as drinking cold-pressed juice, eating fresh salads and fruit salad, the height of your detox would be a raw vegan diet with juices. Add kelp for iodine support, half a teaspoon every second day. Purple or golden sea moss is also good.

I love to juice a whole lemon with skin first thing of the day. Plain water without lemon, you can add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to filtered water. Avoid grazing. The supposed ultimate detox in 80% fruit because fruit contains structured water known as H30. It is a viscous fluid found in fruit and breastmilk.

Herbal Medicine

Dr Robert Morses pituitary support herbs can be beneficial for people with pituitary imbalances. The pituitary gland is very important for endocrine system issues, balancing hormones and general wellbeing. Be mindful of taking too many supplements they can be very heavy on your liver. Ask me about my special Chinese herbal formula for pituitary health support.

Wholefood soups can be useful for days when it is cold. Drinking filtered water is important too. Kangan is a water that is structured and easy to absorb, reverse osmosis is good as is distilled. Ideally most of your hydration will come from your fruits and vegetables.

Cleansing & Toxins

Once you begin cleansing your body will begin to eliminate toxins causing problems. This is why we aim for a low to no tox lifestyle. Appreciate your body and bring love into your journey.

Other ways to eliminate toxins in the body include daily dry brushing, removing the dead layer of skin before you shower and brush towards your kidneys. You can even use a bamboo brush for your face. A weekly sauna is beneficial too. Drink tea, no caffeine.

Healing Crisis

When your body begins to heal from detoxing you can experience low energy and unwanted symptoms as the toxins release. You will then see your energy improve dramatically. Your health symptom e.g. melasma or pain may flare up initially before it gets better. Please be aware of this and if you are my patient I am here to support you all the way.

Wishing you success and wonderful health to you and your family,

Dr Ilana Sowter TCM


Mucusless Diet Healing System: Scientific Method of Eating Your Way To Health by Arnold Ehret.

Environmental Working Group – amazing website to analyse your products for chemicals

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