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Congratulations and welcome to trying the most amazing hair products that focus on your scalp health, supporting the ultimate growing environment for strong, healthy hair.

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The Products

These products are vegan, low tox and natural-based. Using the highest quality ingredients and we avoid silicons, sulphates, waxes and parabens. We are the number 1 anti-ageing hair care company in the world.

How To Do Your Oil Treatment

Firstly, the most important step is doing your weekly oil treatment.

Once to twice per week the night before you wash your hair.

Open your bottle of Rejuvenique oil, take one pump and slowly dot the oil on the left side of your scalp. Then repeat on the right side of the scalp. Massage with fingers or scalp massage for 1-5 minutes.

I always put a little oil on my length and ends, along with a few pumps of leave in conditioner (important if you have dry hair or want to grow it), and two pumps of the rejuvabeads split end mender. Voila you are done!

How To Wash Your Hair

Do not wash your hair more than twice a week with our shampoos. They are very concentrated and work best when you wash your hair with them once to twice a week.

In the shower, wet your hair as normal, place a 10-20c piece of shampoo on your hand and then rub and emulsify with your hands together for 30 seconds. Then massage on scalp only for 1-2 minutes.

Always rinse and repeat. This is how you cleanse your scalp to promote optimal scalp health and hair growth.

Apply Your Hair Masque

Hair masque should always be applied after shampooing and before conditioning. Take a 20-50c piece, massage into hair from the ears down. Leave in for 3-5 minutes then rinse out. This product heals and nourishes your hair.


Then use a 20c piece of conditioner, a little more if hair is thick, massage in hands and then apply from ears down into wet hair. Leave for 2-3 minutes then rinse out. The conditioner seals the hair so it stays healthy and hydrated.

Leave-In Conditioner/Bond Repair Cream

These products are amazing to use the night before you wash your hair to keep your length healed and hydrated. If you love swimming in the pool or ocean, before swimming wet your hair and apply some leave in to the lengths to protect your hair especially if it is dry, damaged or dyed. After your shower on damp hair apply a little leave in… place a 5-10c piece in your palms, emulsify then apply from ears down. Enjoy!

Thank you

Thank you for supporting my business, and I appreciate you investing in your beautiful hair, looking forward to flowing locks and wonderful hair days. If you have any questions I am always here to help, please reach out!

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