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This article is all about acupuncture teeth, diet for teeth and other holistic aspects. In the post-partum of my second baby, my teeth were über sensitive and sometimes hurt…ouch! A visit to the dentist indicated that my teeth needed a few small fillings. This was very strange to me considering I keep in generally good health and my teeth were always great.

Much research later, I discover that it is our lifestyle that is creating these dental issues. We don’t experience them when young because our body is full of energy and health. Pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding can deplete a woman. This is where oral health issues lurk in. Combined with lack of sun exposure and phenomenal amounts of highly processed grains. It’s a recipe for disaster.

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Complimentary Medicines To Dentistry

Modern dentistry is the only modality that most people know of. There are other means of maintaining oral health and teeth. I know of a fantastic holistic tooth & gum coach. There are crystals which can support tooth healing. Diet is a huge aspect as I discuss later. Particular habits such as meditation and jaw relaxation also benefit. Herbal medicine and supplementing with minerals. Always remember that you need a good dentist and 6 monthly check ups are important to monitor your oral health. There are even holistic dentists these days. Qi gong and daily health practices such as biting your teeth 50 times a day can supposedly strengthen teeth.

Acupuncture can also support good oral health. Naik et al (2014) indicated acupuncture can support:

  • Dental pain

  • Dental anxiety and gag reflex.

  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain or temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

  • TMJ clicking and locking.

  • Chronic muscle pain or spasm

  • Atypical facial pain

  • Headache (tension headache, migraine)

  • Xerostomia (dry mouth)

  • Nerve pain (neuralgia, especially trigeminal neuralgia, neuropathic pain, nerve injury)

  • Paresthesia or anesthesia of the oral and paraoral structures.

You can’t just blame sugar and chocolate for tooth decay.

Safe given it is non-toxic More time consuming
Minimal adverse reactions, unlike many other treatments May not bring about complete analgesia
No dependency as associated with narcotics Unsuitable for children
Simple & convenient Not ideal for needle-phobic patients
This is all true when performed by an experienced & well-trained practitioner More high quality research required. Good safety record.

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Acupuncture Teeth

The following acupuncture teeth points and acupressure points, may be beneficial in supporting your oral health through various ways.

  • Great Hammer Point /Governing Vessel 14 Point (GV14)
  • San Jiao 5 Point (SJ5)
  • San Jiao 2 Point (SJ2)
  • Kidney 3 Point (KD3)
  • Shoulder Meeting Point /Triple Warmer 13 Point (TW13)
  • Joining the Valley /Union Valley Point /Large Intestine 4 Point (LI4)
  • Jaw Chariot Point /Stomach 6 Point (ST6)
  • Small Intestine 18 Point (SI18)
  • Stomach 44 Point /Inner Court Point (ST44)
  • Facial Beauty Point /Stomach 3 Point (ST3)
  • Three Mile Point /Stomach 36 Point (ST36)

Teeth, Organs & Meridians In Chinese Medicine

This diagram, from Discover Ideas About Teeth Health, displays which teeth correspond to particular organ energies in your body. For example, the canine correspond to kidney and bladder organ energies. Does any of this ring true for you? Acupuncture Teeth shows that there could be underlying energy imbalances deep in the body.

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Diet & Oral Health

When your porridge/weet-bix for breakfast, wholemeal pasta/brown bread for lunch and brown rice/quinoa/beans for dinner are causing more harm than good?!

Did you know that sugars and refined carbohydrates can cause not only imbalance blood sugar but increase cholesterol?

The tantalising cheese and meats dripping with saturated fat in our diet are not necessarily the problem.

Dr Weston A Price

Enter the Weston A Price philosophy; he was a dentist who travelled the South Sea Islands looking for vegans but found cannibals instead.

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He noticed that these isolated, traditional peoples with abundant natural fats and minerals in their diet glowed with health, were very fertile and had no tooth cavities. This was despite the fact that they did not brush nor floss their teeth. In fact there were no dentists in these tribes.

Three Essentials To Traditional Diets

  • Adequate minerals
  • Adequate fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K)
  • The bio-availability of these minerals and vitamins were good.

Are Traditional Diets Better Than Modern?

Because in comparison, our diet is high phytic acid (an anti-nutrient) which prevents absorption of vital minerals particularly iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium (yes, lots of people lack these minerals nowadays…).

Here in Melbourne & Victoria’s peak of winter, 49% of Vitamin D deficient. Not only are we vitamin & mineral deficient, we are preventing further absorption of these essential nutrients due to the way we consume grains. So let’s discuss phytic acid, what is it?

Our Western diet is heavy on highly processed grains, seeds, legumes and nuts that are not stoneground, soaked nor fermented, along with lots of coffee and chocolate.

Phytic Acid

This makes a diet rich in the anti-nutrient phytic acid. Plus if you don’t have phytase, the enzyme to break it down. Then you cannot digest it. It then blocks mineral absorption. So you may be eating “healthily”. But you cannot absorb the nutrients.

When you soak, ferment, sprout and stoneground these foods, you naturally increase the amount of phytase which will reduce the phytic acid and thus allow your body to absorb and retain those wonderful minerals.

Yes… there is a REAL difference between eating a loaf of brown bread to a loaf of stoneground, sourdough bread!!! No wonder so many people have gluten intolerances these days…

Must You Avoid Phytic Acid?

If you have oral health issues such as cavities. It is best to avoid eating Phytic Acid to support remineralisation of teeth and bones. Hence replacing grains with greens, root vegetables and sweet potatoes.

How To Increase Mineral Absorption

  • Expose your skin to the sun for Vitamin D. As much as possible in winter, and sensibly in summer such as the early or late part of the day. Fair skin needs less, dark skin requires more sun. Vitamin D is vital for tooth and bone health.
  • Limit consumption of sweets, grains, beans, nuts and seeds (beans – yes this includes coffee & cocoa beans!), now I understand why despite the many antioxidants chocolate and coffee have, they really are only good for you in moderation, along with grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.
  • Sprouting, soaking for 24 hours, fermenting (e.g. sourdough) reduces the phytic acid content
  • Enjoy stoneground, sourdough breads, essene bread, fermented pancakes and bakery goods etc. The book Nourishing Traditions is a great read and has a lot more advice about this. Fermented porridge … yes! Sticks to the ribs!
  • Limit starchy vegetables (e.g. potatoes).
  • Eat mainly mineral-rich veggies (organic), eggs, bone broths and meats.
  • Healthy fats like coconut oil, grass-fed, cultured butter & ghee are great.

High Phytic Acid Foods Be Mindful

These foods contain lots of physic acid. Whole grains, brown rice, brown bread, soy, pinto, kidney & navy beans, cooked potatoes, almonds, brazil nuts, peanuts, corn, rice bran, sesame seeds, walnuts, wheat bran and wheat germ.

grains legumes high physic acid

Chocolate is high in phytic acid! As is coffee 🙁

Low Phytic Acid Foods GOOD

Sprout, soak & ferment and consume Vitamin C with them. Use good quality vinegar in salad dressings and cooking. Eat lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Is Phytic Acid really that bad for you? When you eat a food containing phytic acid with phytase (the enzyme that breaks down the phytate) there is no problem. The real issue is that modern diets and processing of food contains extremely high levels of phytic acid minus the phytase enzyme.

I hope I have inspired you to try stoneground, sourdough bread and most of all eat more good fats and green vegetables!

To feel well satiated after eating and to really enjoy your food is a truly wonderful feeling.

Metaphysics Of Oral Health Issues

Not only acupuncture teeth, but what about the deeper meaning of your tooth issues. Metaphysics is the study of abstract ideas, concepts and systems. Most importantly, how they pertain to your mind and body. In Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body, teeth represent “decisions” or “longstanding indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions.  A root canal means: Can’t bite into anything anymore. Root beliefs being destroyed. Abscess: fermenting thoughts over hurts, slights and revenge. In astrology, teeth issues can represent a Saturn transit.

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