Womens’ Communication Workshop

Attention Ladies! Join us for an exclusive 2 hour in person communication workshop helping you master the art of communicating to men.… Dates for all 2023 workshops are scheduled below!

When: Saturday 15 July, 2023

Where: Yoga Spot Fairfield, 70 Station Street Fairfield

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Communicating To Men & Sons From Your Feminine

As a woman who has struggled with communication my whole life, the last few years I have been very passionate and inspired to learn this tool not only for myself, but to share with fellow women around me.

Incredibly, too often I hear women say to me about the men and sons in their lives:

  • He just doesn’t get me
  • We fight all the time
  • I get to angry and can’t communicate with him
  • He’s getting edgy and pulling away from me
  • I don’t feel emotionally connected with him
  • We’re on different levels
  • He never listens, always tells me I have a terrible tone
  • I feel like my man’s mother rather than his woman
  • My son is going through puberty and I’m scared; he won’t open up to me anymore

Women are loving our workshops, feeling the benefits of learning some amazing tools to live well and also enjoy a most relaxing and healing workshop. Lisa, a master Energetic Healer believes group healing is one of the most powerful experiences available to us at the moment.

woman and man sitting on brown wooden bench
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Why Improve Your Communication?

Naturally, the renowned John Gray said that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. There are ways you can train your communication to be clear and heard from the Men in your life. They will cherish you for it, and feel appreciated at the same time.

Communication is everything, your word is your wand and the better you communicate, the better you feel and your becomes.

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If you would love to communicate better, have solid tools to communicate to men (and of course women!) in a loving and confident manner in a relaxing, comfortable space then please book now. We would love to have you join us.

Contact us if you have any questions and for more information and bookings, click here.

We look forward to sharing our wisdom, healing and inspiration with you…

You are worthy and deserving!

Dr Ilana (TCM) & Lisa (the Shining Oracle)


Saturday 15 July 2:30pm-4:30pm & Saturday 21st October 2:30pm-4:30pm