Cosmetic Acupuncture Package Melbourne

Having practised the art of Chinese medicine for over 14 years I am very passionate about holistic health. Naturally, as I matured as a woman I noticed that my skin wasn’t as fresh and glowing as it always was.

So the last three years I have delved on a journey to find the most holistic and rejuvenating treatments and solutions for women so they can be:

  • radiant with health
  • have more younger, brighter faces that they love and feel comfortable with
  • in the most relaxing, holistic and non-invasive way

Holistic Beauty From Within

Beauty comes from within and it is sad to see so many women, especially young women, rely on botox and fillers when there are better, more comfortable and more affordable options that not only make your face and skin look great, but completely rebalance your health and body. A strong healthy body will emanate good skin and radiance.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Packages Melbourne

Therefore I have created (and am still researching) the most holistic, relaxing and effective treatment to have you energetically rebalanced, relaxed and looking and feeling fantastic from inside to out.

Depending on your face and skin care goals I recommend 12 to 24 weekly cosmetic acupuncture treatments.

Package of 12 Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments Includes

  • Initial Consultation: Skin & Facial Analysis ($100)
  • Ancient Chinese Face Reading: Learn more about yourself and discover your destiny ($150)
  • Full Personalised Report on how to holistically improve your skin and general body health through diet & lifestyle changes, plus skincare recommendations. ($200)
  • American A grade Aculift (TM) titanium cosmetic roller & facial cupping set with high quality jade gua sha tools for use at home.($230)
  • Every treatment (except the initial which is both consultation & treatment) includes neck and shoulder release, scalp lifting points, tailored body acupuncture
  • Completely tailored cosmetic acupuncture to your needs and wants. ($160 x 12)
  • TGA and FDA approved tailored LED Therapy ($50 per session)
  • Treatments may include foot massage, sound healing, scalp gua sha and energetic clearing according to Dr Ilana’s (TCM) prescription

All this is only $1800* in the package valued at $2900.

*Please note any herbal medicine, supplements or skincare is priced accordingly and paid on the day when prescribed.

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