Spring Cleansing Phase 1

Energy is expanding all around you, blossoms opening, leaves shooting and there is a lightness in the air. You may feel heavy from your winter body and you suddenly realise you would love to feel better and lighter! This is where your spring cleansing phase 1 program comes in.

The whole point of phase 1 is to gently introduce and encourage your body to begin cleansing. Let’s keep it simple and easy to achieve for you, because you are worthy and deserving!

  1. Foods to avoid: you are what you eat and certain foods can cause inflammation. The basic foods to avoid are sugar, wheat (grains if needed), dairy (especially cows milk and cheese), junk food and of course coffee, caffeine (a chai per day is acceptable) and alcohol.
  2. Exercise: make exercise a priority. Go to as many gym classes as possible. Yoga, pilates, and walking in nature. A swim at the beach.
  3. Look after your hair, skin and face. Cleansing can be difficult, you have to say no and pass on so many foods that you love. So bring some joy into your life with self care. Dry body brushing before a shower. Have a great skincare routine, and look after your hair so that you are glowing! I am obsessed with natural beauty so let me support you with that if you need!
  4. Energetic Cleanse: while cleansing is physical, consider what else needs changing in your life? It’s a great time to declutter. Are there people, projects or plans you need to let go of? Sageing the house? Let’s clean out the junk in your life so you can feel more peace and serenity.
  5. Self-care and self-pamper: it’s an amazing time to look after yourself. Book in for cosmetic acupuncture and acupuncture. A massage, a float, a yoga class, just go for it and indulge in looking after yourself. So many wait until they are unwell to do so. Rejoice in your health and look after yourself it is the most wonderful feeling.
  6. Journaling, meditation and visualisation are wonderful, forget about the television. Go deep and clear out the psyche for your best cleanse yet!
  7. Enjoy a balance of foods depending on the weather, colder days call for cleaner risotto, soup, porridge and stew with vegetables always. Hot days you can enjoy freshly squeezed cold pressed juices and smoothies.
  8. Beverages should be filtered water with a pinch of sea salt. A juiced lemon to start the day. Followed by your tailored Chinese herbs so important to support your body from clearing toxins our from deeper levels whilst supporting your gut.
  9. Magnesium baths! Add a cup of Epsom salts with a cup of bicarb in a nice hot bath with your favourite essential oil.
  10. Other benefits to your detox include oil pulling, tongue scraping, castor oil packs, ten minutes of jumping on the trampoline and just start focussing on yourself and stop worrying about what others think
  11. You are worthy and deserving!
  12. Let your Phase 1 detox go for 2 weeks minimum then you can introduce a more stricter cleanse. If you have a day where you cave into treats, don’t worry, pick yourself up and start again as soon as you can. It’s okay!