Natural Post-Operative Healing Support

What is Post-Operative Healing?

Beyond following the standard medical advice for surgical care, did you know there are other holistic techniques to support your post-operative healing? If you need to have surgery or an operation, rest assured that there are many implementations you can place to give yourself the best result and recovery possible.


I completely understand if you don’t want to have this procedure or you are feeling very worried about it. You have every right to feel emotional and have concerns. Allow yourself to process these feelings, and let them out.

However did you know that your mental approach on how you believe if the surgery is good for you and beneficial makes a big difference to your recovery? Having a positive and appreciative mindset about the surgery provides your body and mind with ease. This allows qi and energy to flow well. So if you have made the firm decision to have the surgery, please let go of any guilt or dissonance. You deserve to go ahead with it feeling good and comfortable. You’re a human and very fortunate to be living in a time when you can access some highly advanced medical techniques.

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Pre-Surgery Checklists

Allow yourself time and energy to prepare properly for your procedure. Surgery can knock you out for days, to weeks and even months so please be kind to yourself and make sure you have time to prepare and not rush into anything stressfully. Here are some of my beliefs and preferences around preparing holistically before surgery:

  • Keep fit and do some form of strength training everyday. After surgery you will be most likely resting a lot and lying down which is fine. Research shows that patients who keep very fit before hand have a quicker and stronger recovery.
  • Eat well, eating a balanced healthy diet full of fresh and seasonal food is abundant in qi and gives your body lots of energy to be strong.
  • Be at peace in your mind with having this surgery and bless your surgeon and everyone who will be assisting you during this transition.
  • Don’t schedule your surgery for on or right near the full moon. Apparently it can increase risk of bleeding.
  • Make sure you have everything required ready for the hospital, and also some time off work before hand so you don’t need to stress if you have any last minute needs.
  • Taking Chinese herbal medicine and specific homeopathic and tissue salt combinations can reduce pain, inflammation and provide a quicker recovery. This is a tailored treatment so please contact us to find out more.
  • Acupuncture prior to surgery can ensure that your energy blockages are moved and free for the procedure.
  • Get enough sleep, rest and fresh air beforehand.
  • Prioritise yourself and keep people and tasks who bother you away. This is a time to reflect inward and focus on yourself and what your body needs.
  • Often when you need surgery it is a pivotal emotional time because you may realise that over the years you ignored your body and it has brought you to this situation. Give yourself space to process your emotions and also be kind to yourself, you are a human being and you make mistakes. If you feel sad, angry or upset, it’s okay allow your body to feel and process it. You will feel better for it.
  • Trust your instinct and intuition. Now is the time to trust what your body is saying to you and see the positive things that happen.
  • Spend time exercising and being in nature, it’s healing.
  • Meditate by yourself or find a guided healing meditation that you love and listen to it daily.
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Post-Operative Healing

Be planned and organised for your post-operative healing. Here are some basics and pieces of advice to support your healthy and holistic recovery:

  • Rest, you may be tempted to do things or get distracted. Please rest as much as possible to give yourself the best recovery.
  • Listen to healing meditations and healing pain frequency music as much as possible after the surgery. It’s a big transition for your body and you may feel it.
  • You can continue to take your Chinese herbal medicine and homeopathics/tissue salts but be aware that they need to be prescribed and taken in a certain way if you are on pain relief medicine.
  • Keep as warm as possible. Aneasthesia has a very thermogenically cooling effect on the body according to Chinese medicine. Therefore, post-surgery please drink lots of hot water and warm tea and warm foods like soups, stews and poached fruit. This will support good digestion, energy and a more comfortable recovery. Heat packs and hot water bottles placed on the body ideally away from any surgical incision (until it’s properly healed).
  • Listen to your body, if you’re tired rest. If you feel like you need to move slowly and gently try a movement. Follow what feels best, post-operative healing is genuinely accessing your feminine energy.
  • Prep some food and soup for when you get home from hospital.
  • Be good at receiving and asking. I know it’s hard, but you are at a point where you need as much support as you can get so please ask those near and dear to you so you can surrender in healing.
  • If you can get to your Acupuncturist, having acupuncture after surgery is very helpful for pain management and post-operative healing in the body.
  • Scar therapy – if you have a scar, please let your Acupuncturist know as once the bandage comes off. I can do special surround needling technique to heal and improve the area.
  • Take as much time off work and off being busy as possible to recover. Try to do a little but really give yourself the time to rest and recover, it’s a precious gift.
  • Of course, spend time exercising and being in nature, it’s healing. If you like animals, your pet can be a good source of healing for you too having cuddles and spending time together.
  • Be kind to yourself and trust in the process of life and divine protection.
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Ask and ye shall receive


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